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5.1.2019 Klub Balkan Ska@SO36 Come dance with PanTurbia at Balkan Ska! @facebook
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about me.

I'm a guitarist based in Berlin (Germany) whom does both performance and teaching.

I've got a jazz degree, a soul/funk dirty past and a bias for groove, rhythm and making things work inside the band (whatever the band might be).

I love teaching to beginners - of any age: I've got experience with children and elders.
Each person has her/his own guitar desires (I'd like to play songs; I'd like to finally crush a solo of my own on that song; I'd like to learn more rhythms. I dropped guitar twenty years ago and always regretted....): the key point of a good teaching session (which may last five years, or a single meeting) is to dig deep enough in what you need, so that we can find the rught way - your way - to get there (and have fun in the process).

things I do.

I play. I teach. I talk (a lot). I craft wonderful comping for singers and soloists. I dig acoustic, nylon and electric.

I play

I teach

I comp

I wear hats

I handle things with strings

I do blurry faces (behind wine glasses)

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You can send me a mail, or hook me up on Facebook, but just in case, you can also use this form.